Big Jim 150

1,170.00 €
incl. VAT, plus delivery
Delivery time: ca. 30 day(s)


A world away from just being the little brother.
With a diameter of 146 cm, Big Jim 150 makes due with less space on the wall, and it also has many other possible uses! The depth is just a bit reduced; binders, illustrated books, LPs and CDs also have no problem finding enough space in this effective area.

The structural principal and the materials are identical to those of the other versions. Screws, assembly directions and drill templates are included.

Good to know: Big Jim can also be installed on plasterboard or wooden walls. Please contact us so that we can determine the wall situation together. We will then add the appropriate fastening material for your wall to the shelf.

Measures: W 146 cm x H 146 cm x D 32,5 max.
Material: Birch Plywood, 15 mm thickness

Surface: Silk mat coating in black (opaque), white (opaque), natural birch (transparent) and gray (similar to RAL 7038, stained and transparently lacquered)

Delivery time: The delivery consists of 2 packages and is carried out by parcel service. Please contact us with any questions or annotations regarding the delivery date!

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