Feedback of our customers

Refers to Big Jim 150:

- Individual, beautiful and easy to assemble shelf. We are very satisfied.

- The product is exactly what we expected. Very high quality.

- Very nice shelf, easy to assemble, and uncomplicated processing - that's how online shopping should be! I can only recommend it!

- Top manufacturing quality, simple and quick assembly & smart design!

- Fast delivery, uncomplicated assembly, solid workmanship--> we are very satisfied!

- We are very satisfied. In future, please state in the email about the delivery notice that the shipping company will only deliver the shelf and not carry it into the flat.

- WONDERFUL !!!!! Thanks again for everything. We will recommand your company in the whole country! Best regards from Paris.

- Our "Big Jim 150" shelf has arrived and is already hanging on the wall. It was relatively easy to assemble, is well made with beautiful details - a real "eye-catcher" that fits an amazing amount.

- IT LOOKS AWESOME!!! Nice product, really well crafted and amazingly easy to mount! I love how it looks filled with books. Once again, thank you very much, it was a great buying experience and I'll always support your company! Keep up the good work!

- Once the screws were in place, everything else went by itself. We are totally satisfied with the result. The shelf is a real eye-catcher and enhances the flat. Thank you very much for this great product and your very friendly service.

- I have to admit that I've been convinced to buy it directly from you mainly because of your kindness, your quick answers and the patience you've had with me. You've treated me like the best of the customers even though I still hadn't bought anything from you, and this felt great to me. If there's any way I can leave a sort of review let me know and, by the way, I'll always speak very highly of you and your company.

- The anticipation was very great to finally be able to unpack and assemble the shelf. Fortunately, this was also very easy. The two of us soon had it on the wall; now it decorates the office at home. Thank you very much for your support in advance.

- Everything is great and I like it very much! Thank you again for the quick and friendly service!

- Hello Mrs Lawrenz, the shelf is up, everything was super easy. Thank you very much and best regards!

- The shelf is really beautiful, was very easy to assemble and fits perfectly in our living room, thank you very much!

- Just to let you know that all is all right. We received the Big Jim yesterday afternoon and fixed it on the wall yesterday evening. Really easy ! The picture is not really good but be sure we are much more than 100% satisfied! Many thanks again for everything you do and all the best. 

- The construction also worked wonderfully, I only had to buy longer dowels because there was about 4 cm of plasterboard with insulation in front of the actual brickwork. Looks great. Thanks for the uncomplicated trade. 

- Ingenious, the shelf! Hopefully I have taken the constructional peculiarities of the old building wall chosen for Big Jim 150 sufficiently into account by using special plugs - the shelf is now resplendent on this wall and has already attracted admiring glances from visitors on Sunday. I would like to thank you very much for the comprehensive "support", everything fitted wonderfully, just as the assembly of the shelf from its individual parts succeeded at first go - a huge pleasure!

- Thank you for the excellent customer service throughout.

- The consignment arrived without damage. It really is a very simple assembly system. The whole shelf is well thought out and with concept. A big compliment - it looks very nice on our wall.

Refers to Big Jim 175:

- I would not like to miss the opportunity to give you a short feedback on the shelf, which was successfully assembled today. The material quality is exceptionally good. The components are perfectly made and the system, especially the plug-in connections, are easy to assemble. The drilling template really deserves its name. It took me just over 1 hour to assemble, most of which was spent measuring and drilling, of course. Although the drill holes did not sit perfectly in one axis, the assembly was well manageable. The system forgives minor deviations. As a result, I am extremely satisfied with the purchase and am happy to recommend the product.

- Hello Mrs Lawrenz, I am very satisfied with the shelf. It is a real eye-catcher.

- A quick message to say thank you for the shelves. They are beautiful and it was a pleasure doing business with you.

- We finally received our Big Jim yesterday. I confirm that the shelf was delivered in a perfect condition. We will have the opportunity to build it later this year as we are now preparing the next step...i.e. some architectural rearrangement in our house. Anyway a big thank for your well appreciated follow-up-!

- The production was atypically fast in my opinion (less than 2 weeks); with furniture one is usually used to 6-8 weeks. The workmanship of the shelf is excellent. The fit is very good. The construction and hanging principle is logical and convincing. You reach your goal quickly and without any hassle. Big Jim really looks great on the wall!

- My Big Jim is wonderful! Thank you again!

- Grüezi from Switzerland Mrs Lawrenz! So, the shelf has been delivered and of course assembled immediately. To be honest, I was quite surprised how easy it was to assemble. The mounting strip is an ingenious invention, just like the shelf itself. You have given me a HUGE pleasure with this. Thank you very much again. As promised, I am sending you the pictures and as you can see, it couldn't be better. I greet you warmly and once again THANK YOU.

- I have to say... this is not just a shelf but a prime example of creative wood art. Great workmanship, really well thought out and these metal fasteners are really great. The only thing you have to master is drilling. The holes have to fit. I am very enthusiastic!

Refers to Big Jim 200:

- Super service, super shelf!

- Our second Big Jim. A shelf that inspires!

- Looks great, holds well and fits many more books than you would think. The only suggestion I would have is that the elements should be numbered consecutively to make sorting easier before assembly. But all in all, it went relatively quickly.

- Well received and built the Big Jim. Happy about what we bought. Thanks and best regards!

- The shelf hangs and looks fantastic. The system is so wonderfully simple and yet so sophisticated - really great. 

- We put the shelf up this Saturday and are amazed at how easy it was and blown away by the design. The template included is brilliant and it removes some of the hassle of finding the exact spot to drill the holes. After experiencing disaster with two custom-made shelves in 2016, our delight was all the greater after the build with Big Jim. Still to be mentioned is the punctual delivery, as announced by you and probably the best transport packaging we have ever seen. This will not be our last Jimi.

- The shelf arrived in perfect condition. The packaging was great. The children were also very happy about the jelly bears. Thank you very much! We have already assembled the shelf. The assembly was unexpectedly easy. The stable drilling gauge is very helpful. The construction is really fascinating. The shelf looks great.

- The shelf landed safely in Berlin on Friday and is already decorating our flat. We are very satisfied!

Refers to Jive:

- Punctual delivery, perfect condition, everything fine.

- everything super!

- Jive is now hanging - another highlight in my flat. Now I would still be interested in SONO in white.

- The Jive arrived safe and sound Tuesday. It was a pleasure to hang it!. I have never seen a quality as good as this. Every single bit fit perfectly and getting it on the wall from opening the box was less than 45 minutes. We are very happy customers ☺

Refers to Ron:

- Top company !!!! Great design very good quality